Finding luxury in simplicity, we use the power of nature to create self-care rituals that foster self-love and bring harmony back to the mind, body and soul. Passionate about what goes into our skin, all our formulas are hand crafted and each ingredient is chosen for their nourishing and beneficial qualities. 

With our modern lifestyles, it's not always easy to slow down, be present and focus on our wellness. With a mindful minimalist approach, we take care in creating therapeutic formulas and fragrances that will take you on an aromatic journey. We hope our range of products inspire you to create a little time to take care of you. 

We are a cruelty free company and ethically source our raw ingredients from others that are like hearted. Our formulas are only tested by us, friends and family and made in the USA. 

" I believe you should always create a little time to take care of you."

Temy Klevens | Founder

Nourish your skin, nourish your soul.