Seoul, Korea is where I lived with my mother until 5 years old, when I was given up for adoption. The plane ride to the United States with other children who were also on their way to meet their new families is an experience engraved in my memory. I felt very confused, sad and scared when I landed in South Dakota to meet my new family. Six months later they changed their mind about adopting me. I finally ended up in Minnesota, adopted into a family with 4 kids. As grateful as I am for being adopted, my memories of losing my mother, home, and the rejection of childhood left me fearing failure and suffice it to say, rejection as I entered adulthood.

Despite growing up with many insecurities, I dreamed of owning my own business and being my own boss. I had a little warrior in me, guiding me, only she had to find her way out. During my late teens, I landed a job with Aveda which was the start that eventually led me to my career in the beauty and spa industry. As soon as I had money to spend, I would stock my vanity with the latest products earning the nickname “lotions and potions” girl from friends and family; during that time that I started creating my own body scrubs.

While there are few memories I have of my mother, visiting bath houses and taking care of our skin is a very important lesson she taught me; one that I continue to carry with me. Exfoliation is synonymous with Koran spas…a lot of exfoliation and most likely the catalyst to my growing up obsessed with scrubs and skincare.

Creating scrubs for myself was the norm but it wasn't long before friends and family requested them for themselves. Even though I was encouraged to turn my passion into a business, insecurities prevailed, and follow-through was not my friend.  

Recently, I went back to Korea, for the first time since my childhood, to do some “Seoul” searching. Korea is a beautiful country where I met kind people who were willing to help me on my journey of self-discovery. My travels included visiting temples, palaces, bustling shopping districts, Jeju island, and my old neighborhood. I even returned to the Korean Social Service (KSS) department where I spent two weeks, as a child, preparing for adoption into the US. KSS shared a folder with me which included all the letters I wrote over the years in hopes of finding my mother. The folder also held photos, that I never saw until that day, from my childhood. Visiting my old neighborhood and seeing the pictures validated my memories and feelings, reminding me of who I was and how far I've come. By the end of my visit, I indulged in cutting-edge beauty stores as well as the traditional baths and scrubs for which the Korean culture is known.

Although I did not find my mother, I did find inspiration and a deeper sense of self. Upon my return home, to the states, I realized it was finally the time to take a chance to go after my entrepreneurial dream.  

SEOULSCRUB is a collection of body scrubs and lip scrubs inspired by the power of nature, bathing rituals, and self-love. Our high-quality, all natural formulas are created to nurture your skin and touch the soul. All of our products are lovingly made by hand in small batches to ensure freshness. 

" I believe you should always create a little time to take care of you." 

Nourish your skin nourish your soul,